ADD Health

ADD Health is a school-based, longitudinal study of the health-related behaviors of adolescents and their outcomes in young adulthood. ADD Health postulates that families, friends, schools, and communities play roles in the lives of adolescents that may encourage healthy choices or may lead to unhealthy, self-destructive behavior. Data to support or refute this theory are collected from students, parents, school administrators, and others.

Waves I and II examine the forces that may influence adolescents' behavior, in particular: personal traits, families, friendships, romantic relationships, peer groups, schools, neighborhoods, and communities. On the other hand, wave III explores the transition between adolescence and young adulthood as it is concerned with the many choices adolescents make; such as staying in school or dropping out, getting married or staying single, or attending college or getting a job; and observing how these choices affect them later on in life.
Principal Investigator: J Richard Udry, PhD (waves I-III)
UNC’s Carolina Population Center
Other Investigators: Kathleen Mullan Harris, PhD (wave IV)
UNC’s Carolina Population Center
SRU Investigators: William D. Kalsbeek, PhD
Robert Agans, PhD
Sung-Heui Bae, Niantao Jiang, Jingjing Wu; Research Assistants
Source: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Dates: Wave III 2001-2002