Back and Neck Pain

Started by the UNC School of Public Health, this research study was focused on speaking to households in North Carolina with and without back and neck pain. Researchers want to use this information in order to develop better health care programs for back and neck pain sufferers. The SRU interviewed numerous households with and without back pain, finally getting 9890 completed rosters, which were used for prevalence rate calculations; and 2696 completed interviews with back and neck pain sufferers in the household. Our researchers performed the sampling and weighting for the data, as well as creating SAS data sets for the investigators.
Principal Investigator: Tim Carey, MPH, MD
UNC School of Medicine
Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research
Other Investigators: Anne Jackman, MSW
Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research
SRU Investigators: William D. Kalsbeek, PhD
Robert Agans, PhD
Sung-Heui Bae, Niantao Jiang, Allison Deal, Laura Trompak; Research Assistants
Dates: May 2006 - April 2007