Community Health Measures Mail Survey

This was a national mail survey of 496 local health departments designed to gather information about various community health measures (for example, immunization rates and safe drinking water standards) from local health department directors. The data from this survey provided the basis for an assessment of the feasibility of a community health report card system. The major SRU tasks for this project included questionnaire design consultation, design and assembly of mailouts, telephone prompting of non-respondents, data entry, and preparation of a final SAS dataset for analysis by UNC Center for Public Health Practice researchers.
Principal Investigator: Rachel Stevens, EdD
UNC-Chapel Hill Center for Public Health Practices
SRU Investigators: C. Arden Miller, MD
UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Maternal and Child Health
Source: CDC
Associations of Schools of Public Health
National Association of County and City Health Officials
Dates: June 1998 – February 1999