Safe and Drug-Free Schools Survey

As part of a multi-year project, UNC Department of Maternal and Child Health researchers conducted a mail organizational survey with district prevention staff in a sample of U.S. school districts. This study collected data on current substance use prevention programs and policies and examined how districts were responding to changes in Safe and Drug Free Schools' requirements. The major SRU tasks in this project included questionnaire design consultation, preparation of a cognitive testing plan and protocol, development of a mail data collection strategy to maximize response rate, assistance in the implementation of this strategy, and consultation on data entry and analysis tasks. SRU staff served as consultants for this project from 1999 to 2001.
Principal Investigator: Denise Hallfors, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Maternal and Child Health
SRU Investigators: Ashley Bowers, MS
Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Dates: May 1999 – 2001