Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Programs in Post-Secondary Institutions (Frank Porter Graham Early Childhood Education Survey)

The goal of this study was to gather information on US colleges and universities offering a curriculum in early childhood education, and collect data on coursework, hands-on experience, and faculty demographics in early childhood education programs at these schools. The SRU consulted with Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center investigators on questionnaire development, sample design, and data collection methodology. In April and May 1999, the SRU conducted 410 telephone interviews, cleaned and weighted the survey data, and prepared a final dataset and weighting documentation. Selected data from the study were published in a national directory of early childhood education programs and shared with education policymakers and researchers.

Principal Investigator: Pam Winton, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center
Other Investigators: Diane Early, PhD
SRU Investigators: William D. Kalsbeek, PhD
Kenan Beckett and Ben Vaughn, Research Assistants
Carol Williams, Supervisor
Source: US Department of Education
Dates: February – May 1999