Greensboro Racial Reconciliation Study

The purpose of the research was to understand how people of different races in Greensboro get along, and how they think about Greensboro’s past. One specific incident, the riot in Greensboro in November 1979, was of particular interest since Greensboro held a Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) about this event shortly after the survey was conducted. Subjects knowledge of and feelings about both the riot and the upcoming TRC were studied. The SRU completed 1,009 CATI interviews with residents of Greensboro, NC from June to September 2004 and produced a weighted data set.

In the spring/summer of 2007, a follow-up study was conducted. It attempted to interview the 1,009 subjects from baseline and discover how people’s feelings or ideas of race or racial issues have changed since the first interview. Questions about the 1979 riot were asked again, as well as questions about the effectiveness of the TRC. SRU will complete data collection during summer of 2007 and produce a data set for the client.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jeffery Sonis
UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Social Medicine
SRU Investigators: William D. Kalsbeek, PhD
Robert Agans, PhD
Sung-Heui Bae, Mike Bradshaw, Hunter Faulkner; Research Assistants
Source: Andrus Family Fund, a private foundation
Dates: June 2004 – September 2004, May – August 2007