Identifying Wants & Needs of N. Carolina Teachers for Job Success & Satisfaction

This project involved three School of Education dissertation projects. The projects used the same questionnaire and basic study methodology for mail surveys of North Carolina public school teachers at three different levels: (1) upper elementary, (2) middle school, and (3) high school. The major objective of the project was to determine the professional development needs of North Carolina teachers with a particular focus on whether those needs differed for National Board Certified and Non-National Board Certified teachers. In late 2002 and early 2003, the SRU entered 750 surveys, prepared a dataset for analysis, consulted with the project investigators on proposed analyses, and analyzed the survey data using SAS.
Principal Investigator: Barbara Day, PhD
Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction Program
UNC School of Education
Source: National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Dates: 2002- 2003