Optimizing Patients’ Comprehension Through USP-D1 Drug Information Leaflets

The purpose of this study was to evaluate US Pharmacopeial Convention Drug Information Leaflets for two drugs used for disease of differing severity. The two drugs chosen were Premain and Zestril. This 20 minute telephone survey gathered information on patient perceptions and experiences from 208 patients with the goal of developing a set of criteria to guide future development of drug information leaflets.
Principal Investigator: Abraham G. Hartzema, PhD
Center for Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research
Other Investigators: Sue Tolleson-Rinehard, PhD
UNC School of Pharmacy
Betsy Lynn Sleath, PhD
UNC School of Pharmacy
SRU Investigators: Kristi M. Clark, MA
Dawn Odom, Research Assistant
Carol Williams, Supervisor
Source: US Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc.
Dates: January – August 1998