The major aim of this study is to determine if young children who regularly consume probiotic substances are healthier and less likely to get sick than those who do not regularly consume these probiotics. For this specific trial, parents were asked to feed children a yogurt drink containing probiotic bacteria BB12 on a daily basis. The parents were to keep a daily diary to track any illnesses or doctor’s visits. The SRU gathered data from the parents of children aged 1-4 yrs old who are regularly cared for in a study-approved child care facility. There were two interview waves, original and supplemental, which called parents biweekly for 18 weeks; eventually giving 572 completed interviews.
Principal Investigator: Tamar Ringel-Kulka, MD, MPH
UNC-Chapel Hill, Department of Maternal & Child Health
Other Investigators: Viet Nguyen, MPH
UNC-Chapel Hill, Department of Maternal & Child Health
SRU Investigators: William D. Kalsbeek, PhD
Robert Agans, PhD
Allison Deal and Hunter Faulkner, Research Assistants
Source: General Mills
Dates: December 2006 - April 2008