Self-Help Community Advantage Program Evaluation (Business School)

This project is an evaluation of the Community Advantage Program--a partnership among the Ford Foundation, the Center for Community Self-Help, a North Carolina-based community development organization, and Fannie Mae, the nation’s preeminent secondary mortgage market facility--which will make up to $2 billion in affordable home mortgage loans to as many as 35,000 minority and low-wealth homebuyers nationwide over a five year period. An important goal of this evaluation is to document the social and economic impacts of homeownership, including the impacts on household wealth. To accomplish this goal, the SRU and the UNC Center for Community Capitalism will design and implement annual telephone interviews with a panel of 2,000+ Community Advantage Program participants. From March 2001 to October 2003, the SRU completed 3,745 interviews with homeowners who received their loan through the Community Advantage Program.

Annual CATI Interviews with a SRU designed and implemented panel of 2000+ homeowners in the Community Advantage Program occurred.

Principal Investigator: Mark Lindblad, PhD
UNC’s Center for Community Capitalism
SRU Investigators: William Kalsbeek, PhD
Robert Agans, PhD
Leela Aretkar, Allison Deal, Laura Trompak, Research Assistants
Source: The Ford Foundation
Dates: March 2001- August 2006