Delay in Assessing Stroke Healthcare (DASH II)

This study gathered information from stroke victims about potential delays in seeking treatment delays once they arrived in the emergency department. This study was designed to provide basic information necessary to understand the problems or reasons for delay in seeking treatment for stroke, or about treatment delays in the emergency department. In addition, it guided the development of strategies to get patients treated quickly after the onset of stroke symptoms and provide vital information about how healthcare costs may change with the acute treatment of stroke. During 1997, SRU interviewers conducted a 30-minute baseline interview and a follow-up CATI interview with 600-stroke patients seen in the emergency medicine department.
Principal Investigator: Wayne Rosamond, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Epidemiology
Dexter L. Morris, MD, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Emergency Medicine
SRU Investigators: William D. Kalsbeek, PhD
Stephanie R. Earnshaw, MS
Brian Sutton, Research Assistant
Source: Glaxo-Wellcome
Dates: May 1997 – May 1999