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The Hispanic Community Health Study/ Study of Latinos HCHS/SOL is the largest health study of Hispanics/Latinos in the United States to date.
The study population of over 16,000 Hispanic/Latino adults (including those with family roots in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and other places in Central and South America) was recruited at four Field Centers in New York, San Diego, Chicago, and Miami. Overall, the goal of the HCHS/SOL is to identify both the prevalence and risk factors for a variety of diseases and disorders among Hispanics in the United States. Study enrollment goal was acheived and no new participants are being sought now.
This study will make important scientific discoveries to improve the health of our Hispanic/Latino community. Questions we are trying to answer include:
  • Why do Latinos/Hispanics have increased rates of obesity and diabetes?
  • Why is asthma more common in some Hispanic/Latino communities?
  • Do certain traditional Hispanic/Latino customs or foods have favorable effects on health?

Only a study such as HCHS/SOL can answer these questions and help us discover ways to prevent serious diseases. In addition, the study will determine what role U.S. cultural practices have on the prevalence and development of disease. These discoveries will not only improve the health of Hispanic/Latinos but will have an impact on health for the U. S. population at large.