Carolina Data Acquisition and Reporting Tool

CDART is a clinical research data management system designed and developed by the CSCC and the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences (NC TraCS) Institute. CDART supports clinical trials, patient registries and observational studies. CDART provides modules for all data management requirements during the life cycle of a research study.

Data Management Life Cycle

  • Planning & Design

    • Specification of study and protocol parameters
    • Definition of sites, including primary contacts and users
    • Creation and customization of case report forms
    • Implementation of visit schedules with associated case report forms and data imports
    • Definition of coding dictionaries (e.g. medications and adverse events) used to code during data capture
  • Data Capture

    • Capture of research subject data via graphical electronic case report forms with auditing of all user interactions
    • Real-time validation and complex conditional field evaluation
    • Central upload of exam data from laboratory or reading center
    • Central and/or geographically distributed data capture into single study
  • Data Quality Monitoring

    • Define and execute standard reports for study specific data quality checks
    • Lock completed and validated case report form data
    • Ad hoc reporting to investigate data discrepancies
    • Revise case report forms to accommodate study modifications
  • Analysis & Reporting

    • Pre-defined and ad hoc reporting for study oversight (e.g. recruitment tracking)
    • CDISC Operational Data Model (ODM) data extraction for input to analysis software
    • Association of all data items to analysis variable names (i.e. SAS variable names)
    • Data download for data analysis
Data Collection Form - Dental Exam
Data Collection Form - Dental Exam
Data Collection Form - Medication Coding
Data Collection Form - Medication Coding
Data Collection Visit Schedule
Data Collection Visit Schedule
Recruitment Report
Recruitment Report