MASS: Meta-analysis of sequencing studies (C).

TitleMASS: Meta-analysis of sequencing studies (C).
Publication TypeSoftware
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsTang, Zheng-Zheng, and Dan-Yu Lin

MASS is a command-line program written in C to perform fixed-effects (FE) and random-effects (RE) meta-analysis of sequencing studies by combining the score statistics from multiple studies. It implements three types of tests that encompass all commonly used association tests for rare variants, including simple burden test, CMC test (Li and Leal, 2008), weighted sum statistic (Madsen and Browning, 2009), variable-threshold (VT) test (Price et al., 2010; Lin and Tang, 2011), C-alpha test (Neale et al., 2011) and SKAT (Wu et al., 2011). The input file can be generated from the accompanying software SCORE-Seq. This bundle of programs allows meta-analysis of sequencing studies in a statistically accurate, numerically stable and computationally efficient manner.

Original PublicationMASS: Meta-analysis of sequencing studies (C).