What's an Ancillary Study?

An ancillary study is a research study that involves persons who participated in the HCHS/SOL (their data or stored specimens) in order to investigate a research question not addressed in the HCHS/SOL.
What does it mean to be invited to participate in a HCHS/SOL ancillary study?
Through ancillary studies, investigators can discover additional important information related to the purpose of HCHS/SOL, that could not be obtained from the interviews and exam that you did during your first visit to the exam center. Ancillary studies, therefore, could enrich our knowledge of Hispanic/Latino health. Only staff who work at the HCHS/SOL Field Centers are authorized to contact you and invite you to participate in an ancillary study. Your participation in ancillary study is strictly voluntary, and will not affect your participation in the HCHS/SOL.