Fan Li

PhD Student
Duke University School of Medicine

2424 Erwin Rd, Room 11017
Durham, NC 27705

Select Publications: 1) Benjamin Neelon, S. E., Mayhew, M., O'Neill, J. R., Neelon, B., Li F., and Pate, R. R. (2016). Comparative evaluation of a South Carolina policy to improve nutrition in child care. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, in press. 2) Li, F., Lokhnygina, Y., Murray, D., Heagerty, P., and DeLong, E. R. (2016). An evaluation of constrained randomization for the design and analysis of group-randomized trials. Statistics in Medicine, in press. 3) Neelon, B., Li, F., Burgette, L. F., and Benjamin Neelon, S. E. (2015). A spatiotemporal quantile regression model for emergency department expenditures. Statistics in Medicine, 34, 2559-2575.